The Hayward Rotary Club Foundation was incorporated in October 1990 as a 501 (c) (3) Charitable Organization, Tax ID #94-3127062. The Foundation's finances and operations are separate from those of the Club, and are managed by an elected Foundation Board of Directors and Officers. The Foundation reports annually to the members of the Hayward Rotary Cub at a regular Club Meeting. At this annual meeting, the members of the Hayward Rotary Club elect new Foundation Directors with expiring terms. The newly seated Foundation Board then votes separately for its Officers.

Annually, the Hayward Rotary Club Foundation makes 3% of the undesignated June 30th balance of the Fund available to the incoming Club President for use on their Club board-approved project(s).  The Foundation ensures a sustainable source of funds available for use regardless of the results of other fundraisers. These funds can be combined with other funds but must be spent by the President prior to the end of their term as Immediate Past President.

In the mid 1980's, the idea arose to establish a club foundation to insulate the club's finances from the irregular cash flow of the  income from its major fundraiser at the time, the Rowell Ranch Rodeo Food Concessions, and to be able to make more money available for local projects.

Past President John Hunter's goal to increase the endowment of the Foundation to $1,000,000 by 2005 was achieved. In recognition of this milestone, a Dinner Celebration was held in the Hayward City Hall Rotunda in 2005. Today, many Rotarians, Individuals and Corporate Sponsors choose to donate tax-deductible funds directly to the Foundation either as unrestricted, restricted or specifically designated contributions. 

The Hayward Rotary Foundation is proud of its accomplishments such as helping to fund Hayward Rotary Club Local Projects such as the Silva Pediatric and Dental Clinic, Newman Park, Centennial Children's Park, The Dictionary Project, Field of Dreams and many other local and international endeavors.